This year, with a committee of more than 100 people, Friends for the Cure’s focus is to raise as many research dollars as possible to fund outstanding research and innovative patient care in our own backyard at the University of Chicago Medicine Kovler Diabetes Center.


Research Background:

At a time when other countries are increasing their investments into scientific research, the United States is decreasing at an alarming rate.  After 10 years of essentially flat budgets eroded by the effects of inflation, NIH’s purchasing power has been cut by almost 25% compared to a decade ago.

The need for private investment into scientific research has never been greater, help Friends for the Cure reach their $750,000 goal.  Projects at the University of Chicago Kovler Diabetes Center include:

  • Championing Clinical Research in Pump and Sensor Technology to develop strategies for precise diabetes management – in Chicagov  Supporting research into Beta Cell Encapsulation Therapies, surgical and clinical interventions that may improve or eliminate diabetes.
  • Enabling Kovler to build off of recent, key discoveries on Genetics and Diabetes and continue doing ground-breaking research on customized care and cures that will be the future of diabetes.
  • Sponsoring Kovler’s work in the Adult Stem Cell Project, a collaborative project that focuses on the effect of diabetes on stem cells and how this knowledge can contribute to a cure for diabetes.
  • Sustaining Kovler’s Health and Wellness Program, an innovative program exclusive to the Kovler Diabetes Center focusing on the psychosocial impact of diabetes on ALL patients and families.